Heroes are Brave, Skilled and Positive leaders!

  • HERO Kids Sports coaches are well trained and follow an official HERO Kids Sports detailed manual including our scripted sports program.

  • Coaches are required to pass a Colorado state background check and attend a sufficient HERO Kids Sports training program prior to coaching in our enrichment program.

  • Coaches are required to undergo a trial coaching period to ensure they meet company standards prior to coaching our enrichment classes, providing a safe and secure program for the kids and schools in which we coach.

  • Coaches are well supervised and supported by our HERO Kids Sports team.

  • Coaches are able to spontaneously address the needs of the children we coach using our teaching techniques learned in our company training and manualized program as well as continued supportive supervision from our lead coaches.

  • Coaches have a background in working with children.

  • Coaches qualities include high energy, and demonstrated ability to motivate children while creating a fun learning environment.