Neurocognitive Benefits of an Active Lifestyle:


  • The evidence supporting the neurocognitive benefits of an active lifestyle in childhood is well established. The research demonstrates that aerobic exercise positively affects areas of the brain that are responsible for thinking, memory and problem solving. Scientists investigating this relationship in children found behavioral differences in higher versus lower aerobically fit children for tasks measuring these brain abilities.


  • We now know the brain responds to positive and negative experiences. The implications of this research are that when children actively learn how to navigate down a soccer field or chase a fly ball they are building their brain’s memory capacity to learn efficiently and quickly. The actions of supportive parents, teachers and coaches make the retrieval and consolidation of information and memories a more fluid, safe and efficient process.


  • Hero Kids Sports coaches make the connection between sports and brain development for every child.  


  • The Algorithm:  Exercise + Learning Skills + Supportive Coaches =  Better Problem Solving, Improved Memory and Efficient Learning.

  • Learning sports at a young age positively effects a child's development of their gross motor skills including Balancing, Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching & Kicking


Our Commitment


  • We believe integrating the latest brain science into our program supports children’s success in school, peer relationships and life. At Hero Kids Sports we guarantee that for every child we will create the basis of an active lifestyle through exercise, sports skills, encouraging peers and supportive coaches.