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Our Values-What HERO Believes:


  • We believe in supporting children at a young age to learn the value of learning new skills, express themselves through sports, developing self- esteem, trust in their team.

  • We believe in providing a program where kids can experience how to lead an active, healthy life through sports and nutrition

  • We believe every child can develop confidence, motivation and a sense of belonging through supportive coaching.

  • We believe all kids are capable and have the ability to be good at sports, they just need a little encouragement to learn.


Our Coaches-What HERO Does:

  • We come to schools, parks, and homes to teach kids the fundamentals of sports through our ten sports program.

  • Through a unique child-focused introduction to team sports, we provide exceptional education in an inspiring atmosphere.

  • We equip kids with the basics of a variety of team sports where everyone can play as a team.

  • Our program connects the essential components of a healthy life: being fit, eating healthy, having friends and feeling successful.

  • We celebrate learning and teamwork demonstrated by honoring our kids with achievement stickers and awards.