In accordance with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, local and state officials, our PROGRAMS have been carefully designed to follow PPE safety precautions in continuing to bring safe, high quality sports programming to your child.


We bring HERO to you! We bring our full sports program, sports equipment and expert coaches to your backyard, local park, preschool, elementary school, or birthday party! Click the links above to learn more about which program works best for YOU!


HERO currently hosts 11 different sports variety. We coach kids in the fundamentals of each sport one step at a time, building on skills week by week. We hold a very special awards ceremony for every HERO once a session is completed. Every kid graduates from a session as a HERO and goes home with a certificate of achievement that they can show off wherever they please. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend!


Our programs start out with warm up sessions designed to teach children how to properly 

prepare for exercise. Each week marks the completion of a new milestone in the basics of the sport. Join our HERO Kids Sports team today! 


Our programs are both flexible and exceptional. We specialize in customizing programming to fit your needs and interests. Contact us today to inquire about a customized program and pricing!