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HERO School Programs

Our HERO School Programs offer customizable programs in partnership with Preschool and Elementary Schools bringing our 11-sport program as a before, during or after school enrichment. We are a Denver Public Schools and Boston Public Schools Community Partner as well as a partner to preschools in the Greater Denver & Boston Metro Areas. For a more detailed breakdown of what each week entails and pricing,

Contact us directly!

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HERO Preschool &
Elementary School Programs

HERO will customize before, during and after school Preschool and Elementary School programs for kids ages 2-12 years from our 11-Sport offerings!

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HERO Grant & School Budget
Paid Programs

Schools may utilize grant funding or a school budget to bring our 11-sport program to your school.

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Parent Paid Programs

HERO will customize a program from our 11-sport offerings for parents to choose as an extracurricular for their child to participate in at school. HERO offers schools the option to utilize our user-friendly registration system for each sports session.

School-based/Parent Paid Combination Programs

HERO will customize a program from our 11-Sport offerings with the option to contribute a specified amount per child in conjunction with a subsidized amount contributed by parents.


We hold a very special awards ceremony for every HERO once a session is completed. Every kid graduates from a session as a HERO and goes home with a certificate of achievement that they can show off wherever they please. 

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Your child will receive a special HERO award following the completion of camp celebrating the skills that they have learned! 


HERO prioritizes a culturally inclusive, Social and Emotional aspects of Learning (SEAL) rich environment for all youth and our HERO coaches by preparing them with skills needed to model social and emotional intelligence through sport. Our approach is to hire, train, develop and support our staff through exemplifying positive leadership, cultivating an encouraging environment based on responsibility and respect. Through a unique child-focused introduction to learning sports, we provide exceptional education in an inspiring atmosphere!

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