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Discover HERO School Break & Weekend Camps, designed for ages 3-11!

Focus on sports fundamentals, confidence, leadership, & teamwork.


  • Sports, Teamwork, and Field Day Games

  • Creative Arts, Brain Games, and Imaginative Free Play

  • Nature Walks, HERO Library, and Water Play (Weather Permitting)

  • Connecting with new friends and sparking their creativity!

  • Nutrition tips and Popsicle Fridays!

HERO Coaches, experts in the HERO Fantastic 11 Sports curriculum, ensure an inclusive, fun, and supportive environment. Your child will engage in various sports, fostering mentorship and a well-rounded camp experience.  LINK HERE for sports details. Join the fun! Learn more about our Coaches by clicking HERE


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Enrolling more than one sibling? Take advantage of a 10% discount on the

second child by applying the sibling discount code 'Sibling24' at checkout


Pick 3 or more days, get $30 OFF at checkout!

HERO Kids Sports
HERO Kids Sports
HERO Preschool &
Elementary School Programs

HERO will customize before, during, and after school Preschool and Elementary School programs for kids ages 2-12 years from our 11-Sport offerings!

HERO Grant & School Budget
Paid Programs

Schools may utilize grant funding or a school budget to bring our 11-sport program to your school.

Parent Paid Programs

HERO will customize a program from our 11-sport offerings for parents to choose as an extracurricular for their child to participate in at school. HERO offers schools the option to utilize our user-friendly registration system for each sports session.

School-based/Parent Paid Combination Programs

HERO will customize a program from our 11-Sport offerings with the option to contribute a specified amount per child in conjunction with a subsidized amount contributed by parents.

HERO Kids Sports
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