We bring our customizable HERO program to your school including our Fantastic 11-sport program, sports equipment and expert Coaches! HERO currently hosts 11 different sports for a period of 6-10 weeks at a time. All programs follow our COVID-19 Safety Precautions in accordance with the CDC - more details HERE 


If you do not see a sport that you would love to get your kid involved in, just let us know and we will work out the rest! Below is a brief description of each of the sports. For a more detailed breakdown of what each week entails and pricing, please Contact us directly!


HERO Home Run BASEBALL: Ready positions, throwing, catching, running the bases, hitting, learning the field & fielding, full game


HERO Power Kickin' SOCCER: Ready positions, kicking, dribbling, receiving, scoring, learning the field, positions, full game


HERO Touchdown FOOTBALL: Ready positions, throwing, catching, handling the ball, learning the field, tagging, touchdowns, full game 


HERO Jumpers & Dunks BASKETBALL: Ready positions, passing catching, dribbling, shooting, learning the court, defensive stances, offensive plays, full game


HERO Spike VOLLEYBALL: Ready positions, bumping, setting, serving, learning the court, full game


On your mark, get set, HERO GO TRACK & FIELD: Ready positions, running stances, long jumping, learning the track, hurdling, shotput, full relay race


HERO Cartwheels & Tumblin' Time GYMNASTICS: Ready positions, balancing, sticking, rolling, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, straddling, full obstacle course


HERO Slap Shot FLOOR HOCKEY: Ready positions, stick handling, dribbling, learning the field, hitting, scoring, passing, full game.

HERO LACROSSE (LAX): Ready positions, stick handling, catching, throwing, learning the field, all positions, shooting, saving, grounding. 


HERO Mindfulness YOGA Flow: Ready positions, balancing positions, poses, flow, stretching, breathing, flexibility, full HERO movement activities


HERO Power KICKBALL: A classic combination of soccer and baseball fundamentals focused on ready positions, receiving, scoring, learning the field, base running and full HERO kickball activities. 



We hold a very special awards ceremony for every HERO once a session is completed. Every kid graduates from a session as a HERO and goes home with a certificate of achievement that they can show off wherever they please.