A HERO Breakthrough!

Today was a breakthrough for HERO Kids Sports! In one of our little HEROES we were thrilled to witness the HERO develop inside. At first our little HERO observed patiently, he seemed shy but we knew he was just taking his time and learning by watching. Every week we would encourage him to physically participate in the Sports sessions but he just wanted to watch - which was OK too. We would try to get him to open up and little by little through high fives and kind words he started to participate in our HERO warm ups - but that was it. Today, we are proud to say that he participated in our Super HERO Track & Field obstacle course. He ran, he jumped, he laughed and we all cheered for him. By the end of the class he wanted to keep playing sports but it was time for us to move on to our next school. This is what HERO is all about when we say “Inspiring the HERO Inside”. We understand that it may take a little more time for some of us but we also believe that there truly is a HERO inside all of us - it just needs to be coached and encouraged - handled with care.

Everyday we have a lot of fun and we love what we do. Getting to teach kids how to play sports and see their collective excitement when we come to the school, is priceless. Each and every week of a HERO Kids Sports session marks a new milestone in kids being more athletic, responsive, creative, better at following directions, and even more excited.

The other piece of the puzzle here is that this job Loves You Back. With every HERO that participates, learns and has fun, we get just as (if not more) inspired because we get to see that hard work pay off. Everyone deserves a chance to #getoutandplay and #beincluded so we want to say to our newest little HERO - thanks for making our day! #welovewhatwedo.

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