HERO New Experiences

It is amazing to be able to teach kids in our HERO program something that we are so passionate about and to, in turn, see them enjoy what they are learning and to take their new experiences with them beyond our HERO class.

Coach Brandon teaches a wonderful group of 2-6 year olds each week. It is incredibly rewarding to see our HERO kids develop their own passion for what we teach them. After the last class for this session, Coach Brandon received a Thank You card with the words: "Thank You Coach Brandon (front)...We have learned so much from you about how to play and enjoy sports. You are so funny! (inside)...Come Back Soon (back)". This message made us so proud of these kids and of our coaches as we strive to make a difference in our HERO kids' everyday lives. This kind gesture supports our goal of "Inspiring the HERO inside."

We truly appreciate all of our little HEROES, have complete confidence in their abilities, and believe that it is the moments like this one that matter the most in life. Moments where our coaches who are committed to the happiness and growth of children bring forward satisfied and thankful responses from parents and kids. Thank you for the extra motivation to keep doing what we love doing!

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