Teamwork is a core value for HERO Kids Sports. We emphasize how to be a member of a team in each one of our classes. We believe teamwork is the foundation to all of the sports we teach and actually, key component to a happy and successful life! Our favorite part of class is after we call the HERO Fox that last activity we run at the end of every class and we ask the kiddos what makes a good team. So what does make a good team?

When we break it down to the basic level, which we do with preschool age children, it can be simple. We support behaviors that work to make a solid team and discourage behaviors that don’t.

What works:

Kids cheering on their friends while watching them score a big goal.

Kids that encourage their friends by name to participate when they are shy.

What doesn’t work:

When kids push each other to get their favorite cone for warm-ups.

When kids yell and scream when they are supposed to be listening to coach.

These are all moments our coaches use to show and tell what does and doesn’t make a good team and why. We are constantly learning and growing and when classes end, when we call the HERO Fox, and we are amazed at how the kids respond!

Every week we work with the kids, we see less and less need for prompting what a good team is. We even see them putting positive words into action so we see what teamwork looks like. For example:

The cheering gets louder and clapping hands are in sync. Instead of pushing each other they offer to share.

Kids start teaching each other. The screaming stops and the kids wait with a smile for coach’s next direction. This transformation into a positive team is just one part of the magic we see every day.

Teamwork is something we learn and pass on to each other, from 2 to 102. We love being here at the start, teaching teamwork to our little heroes. Go HEROES GO!

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