It's the small things that matter most!

We love hearing from our HERO parents and this particular story brings us so much joy and reinforces our passion in what we do every day coaching HERO. This particular story was shared with us by one of our wonderful preschool directors.

A few days ago we walked into one of our locations for a HERO Jumpers & Dunks Basketball class. When we walked into the school we said our usual hello to the director and gave her a quick high five. She stopped us in our tracks with a big smile on her face, “Do you know what our kids have come in with this week? We said, "No what's that?", curiously awaiting her answer. She laughed, "Just wait and see." Amidst our routine of rounding up our HERO kiddos for class, we began to notice that more than half of them had whistles around their necks.

Apparently, earlier in the week they had asked if they could stand up where Coach usually stands and if Coach could stand where they usually stand for our HERO warm ups. Of course we were immediately on board, proud of their enthusiasm and creative thinking. Warm ups began and our HERO kiddos blew their whistles when we blew ours while continuing to listen and follow directions. They were perfectly on point in knowing when to blow their whistles and what to expect next in class.

Later that evening we received an email from a parent with the subject line saying “Thank You!”

We opened it up and she was thanking us because all her son wanted for his birthday was a whistle and that was it! Nothing else, just a whistle of his own so he could be like his HERO coaches and the HERO Fox. We thanked her for her email and sat back and smiled. This is EXACTLY why we do what we do and why we LOVE what we do.

This story represents the small things that matter and those are what matter most. The whistle is like our magic wand throughout our classes - we use it to direct the class and as we always say “in sports we don't go until we hear the word GO or my WHISTLE” pointing to our whistles and the kids always yell “WHISTLE!” as loud as they can. When we are about to blow the whistle the class is completely silent waiting for the sound. A central focus in our teaching technique is to encourage listening skills throughout our classes. HERO highlights how to work & play as a TEAM including sharing, supporting, taking turns and encouraging one another.

Our HEROES who came in that day wearing whistles wanted to be coaches. A coach, teaches, guides, encourages, listens, inspires, and recognizes accomplishments. We feel so proud of our HEROES and are so very appreciative when parents, directors, teachers etc. share their stories with us. Please keep sharing!! Go HEROES Go!

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