At HERO, we work with a wide variety of kiddos everyday. As we all know, preschool age children develop at different rates. It is our job to teach them the physical and mental skills needed to be their best and feel confident at all stages. It is such an important developmental time in their lives! Not all kids start out believing that they are good at sports or even that they will enjoy it. We inspire the HERO inside and never give up trying to help them understand that they are amazing.

Over the weekend we hosted back to back HERO birthday parties. As we were greeting the kids with high fives, I saw one girl who was very nervous to participate. She clung close to her mother’s leg and didn’t even want to look at me. I knelt down, smiled and said “Let’s play some sports, you are going to love it!” She didn’t budge from her mom’s side. Her mother then said to me “ She doesn’t like sports and doesn’t think she is good at them.” The challenge was on; I must get this little girl to realize she can play sports and will have fun doing it.

We started with warm-ups and she still hadn’t joined the group. As we brought the team together for HERO Power (hands in together), she wouldn’t respond to my call for her to join. We lined up and started our first obstacle course involving jumps, balancing and a forward roll to finish it off. Then the cheering started. “ GO HERO GO, GO HERO GO.” Kids were flying through the course with big smiles on their faces. I looked over and saw her starting to clap and cheer just a little bit. I knew this was her opportunity.

I took her hand and said “Let’s go through together, I know you will do great!” She was amazing, perfect form with her jumps and an excellent roll at the end. After a time through, she was hooked. I gave her a big high five and said “See, you are good at sports, you can do it!” She was fully involved the rest of the day and everybody was happy, especially her mom.

Not every kid is confident at the beginning. This girl took half a class and sometimes it takes multiple classes. We have to stick with them and never give up trying to inspire them with our enthusiasm and encouragement. Once they see for themselves that they can do it, then anything is possible!

“Inspiring the HERO inside” w/ HERO Kids Sports!

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