Beginning sports at a young age!

At HERO Kids Sports we specialize in starting with kids 2 years old! Yes, that’s right. We start with kids 24 months old… 2, Two, II years old! Our Innovative Kids Sports Program for families and schools promotes starting at age 2 for some very good reasons. It’s all about imagination, teamwork, inspiration and fun! Follow along and you’ll see our point.

There have been many occasions when people ask “What ages do you begin your program?” When we tell them we start at 2 years old they often laugh for a minute thinking we were joking around with them. But then, when they see how serious we are about this, they ask again. We repeat that “We start at 2” and then faces get very serious and they say, “Okay, well what kind of sports are we talking about here?” We reply: “All the most popular sports: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Track & Field, Gymnastics, Flag Football, Field Hockey, and Baseball!”

And then people ask “How do you coach a 2 year how to play Basketball?” We answer, “Well, it's not like we're going out there and playing a huge pickup basketball game with 2-year olds. We start out with the fundamentals of the sports, and we make it an imaginative game to help kids gain the concept of that specific sport. We might say, “Let's pretend the basketball is a “cookie” and that cookie needs to go right back into the Cookie Jar (the hoop) before the coach eats it!” The kids with the basketball then race to the hoop to get it right back to where it’s supposed to be! We also specialize in teamwork, working together, being a friend and making friends, different ways of listening and paying attention, and how to cheer for your teammates which, as we all know, is extremely important in sports!

We truly believe every child can succeed in life by developing confidence, motivation, and a sense of belonging and we believe that it starts right here! As our slogan says, “Inspiring the HERO Inside.” All kids are capable of being an athlete. They just need encouragement from their coaches, teammates, friends, and family. The earlier the kids start playing team sports, the more fun they have doing it - they're hooked! Then the more they want to learn! And the more fun they want to have while playing a sport. We believe this is the most fun age to coach kids – In the first week of our 6 week programs the kids can be a little shy! But we know that, and as the kids see and experience OUR KID FRIENDLY coaching style, they become comfortable with us and then they’re off running around and playing with us and each other. There is laughter everywhere!

In week two they are learning how to kick a soccer ball, in week three, they are learning how to dribble the ball, in week four they are learning how to run with the ball by dribbling.

By week five they start to understand where the BALL is supposed to go IN THE GOAL. They have learned all this BY encouraging each other with our fun imaginative sports program that we play together with them over the weeks. By the last few classes, the kiddos are playing SOCCER! Yes, playing a Soccer Game! At just 2 years old they understand the CONCEPT AND THE RULES of the sport! It always takes my breath away…and not just because of all the running around, but because they inspire me with their enthusiasm and thrill for learning! Our favorite part is watching them learn and to grow into being a young athlete. HERO IS and where it all begins! GO HEROES GO!

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