"Turn Up Your Listening Ears!"

“Remember, we don’t go until we hear the…” What’s it called. “Whistle!!!” The kids all shout at the top of their lungs. “That’s right!” says coach.

An integral part of HERO is the use of listening techniques throughout class. We are constantly re-engaging the kiddos through verbal and physical cues to make sure they are following along. Since we work with kids ages 2-6, this can be a difficult task sometimes. That’s why our coaches bring lots of energy, repetition and humor into every class!

When we are giving directions, we are loud. It’s important to be the main voice and to make sure the kids know that the coach is in charge. When I come into a class everyone gets a high-five but then I am always very serious and loud to start warmups. Then once the kids know it’s time to listen, I’ll break out the goofiness!

Repetition is also vital to learning and listening. We are constantly asking the kids to turn up their “listening ears” or put on their “looking glasses.” After a few classes they start to know the cues and follow right along. I’m always stopping between activites to say “If you are listening to Coach Reid, touch your head!” Keeping them on their toes really helps them stay focused and learn how to follow directions.

No class is complete without some goofiness. Pretending to blow the whistle is a fan favorite or yelling “Bananas” instead of “Go.” Getting the kids to really enjoy their time learning sports is fundamental to them progressing quickly. The more they laugh, the more they want to listen to the coach. The more energy you bring to class, the more they will have the same. The more repetition used, the faster they will progress and learn!

The kids line up in their “ready positions.” They are all intently waiting for the whistle...Their eyes look up to coach waiting to run. “Pineapples!” coach spurts out while pretending to blow the whistle. All of the kids break into laughter. “Stay in your ready positions team!” “On your mark, get set” Coach blows the whistle and they are off to the races! These are the moments we love to see in class.

GO, HERO, GO! “inspiring the HERO Inside” w/ HERO Kids Sports

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