"Its A Celebration!

At HERO we celebrate every victory, from the smallest moments to the biggest ones. Sometimes class can be difficult for the kiddos. Some have difficulty listening. Some with the gross motor skills. Some with verbalizing what they want to say. Some even with wanting to participate. These are the challenges we love to tackle head on and celebrate every breakthrough!

Today in class we were doing our HERO warm-ups, but many of the kiddos were having trouble listening. We jumped right into a barrage of listening techniques to get everyone’s attention. This worked for the most part, though a few were still not listening. Once we said that we would tell HERO Fox the kids weren’t listening and they wouldn't get their stamps, they turned on their listening ears! We continued adding in listening techniques throughout class and by the end they were doing an amazing job. They deserved their HERO stamps and we celebrated the progress we made over class!

We also celebrate the progress we make over the course of a full sports session. Last week we finished up our 6th class of Track and Field at a school. We had worked our way up from learning starting positions for running all the way to a full Track and Field meet with multiple events! The kiddos got faster, learned to jump higher, and started to understand Track & Field terms and concepts. At the end of each class they earn their Stamp for the day's missions, but at the end of the full session we do a special Awards ceremony.

The Awards ceremony is one of my favorite parts of HERO. It’s the culmination of all the hard work, for both coaches and kiddos! It’s a chance to celebrate each kid individually and cheer for the team as a whole. Each kiddo is called up and is honored with a personalized certificate of the sport. We also always give them extra high fives! As each kiddo come up the other clap for their teammates. It is a wonderful moment of achievement for them. “On the count of three everyone yell HEROES” “1, 2, 3… HEROES!”

Inspiring the HERO within w/ HERO Kids Sports.

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