Coaching Techniques

Coaching sports with children is a broad profession involving a huge variety of techniques and styles. Coaching are the practices used by HERO coaches during sessions. At HERO we specialize in a few techniques but what stands out the most is our ENERGY! As we all know energy helps gravitate one towards another. If you are kind of exuberant, big, & funny, everyone wants to know who you are and why you are being so exuberant, big and funny!

We coach a wide variety of age groups, specialize in 2-6 years of age, but we go all the way up to age 12! In order to be able to adapt to these different age groups, we really need to understand the unique developmental steps of each and every age. There is a vast difference between ages 2-3, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 and 10-12. The more we coach each age group, the more we understand the unique nuances of these age groups, and we can even pick out kids in a group and guess their age.

With ages 2-6 we have a slightly different coaching technique compared to coaching the older kids. At this age we tend to act more like famous Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse or Goofy - with the hope that it allows our HERO kiddos to feel relaxed about participating in our program and engage in the mentality of “Just have fun!” Also, to keep the kiddos attention we work at putting on a show in front of them. We all know how much kids enjoy TV, movies and videogames. So we try to make it as if they are living in a show with us as we bring them into the specific sport that we are teaching them the fundamentals of, say soccer or baseball and the rest of the sports that we coach here at HERO. A central focus in our teaching technique is also to encourage listening skills throughout our classes as well as how to work & play as a TEAM including values such as sharing, supporting, taking turns and encouraging one another.

With the older kids we tend to have to be a little more focused at times to keep their attention and respond to their needs as older children who are more questioning about how to add certain techniques to make them better. But one thing we never change is our believing in each kid and cheering them on! We encourage each kiddo to keep going even if they say they are “not good at it” and to “never give up.” We know from our experience as coaches with these age groups that when they keep at it they will quickly get better at it and even believe in themselves!

With the help of HERO’S encouragement we are inspiring our kiddos to keep at it and believe in themselves! We love it!

Our slogan has great personal meaning as it is our belief in working with kids to "Inspire the HERO inside", but it also pertains to us to be a HERO for the kids we work with and feel inspired by them.

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