Sometimes we have to trust our system here at HERO. As a young company we are very excited about the program and what we can bring to our communities. Growth takes time, not only as a business but for all the parts involved.

At HERO we are just like a family. We treat all of our employees with respect and kindness. This is obviously also true for all the teachers, parents and kids we work with everyday. As we continue to grow in our communities, we understand that hearing what people have to say is just as important as our mission. The ability to be creative, adapt and evolve as a brand has been crucial to our success thus far.

Our coaches are amazing, but it takes time to develop into the superstars that they are. Sometimes at first they are taken back by all the energy and excitement we bring. Once they are comfortable with the program they are able to truly shine and show their creativity. We love to see our coaches be a part of our growth and take ownership of their classes! As a team we have are always trying to get out of our comfort zones and show how HERO is unique. This can only happen because of the importance we put on our people and our non stop can-do attitude!

We are also able to grow with the schools and children we work with. It is amazing to see kids go through our program from age 2 all the way to 6. The self-confidence and excitement for sports they develop is wonderful to see! We are able to adapt our program to the philosophy of each school we work with and all different ages and developmental levels of kids.

It all starts with our passion and commitment to “Inspiring the HERO inside!” There is always a chance for an amazing experience with HERO. You just have to have fun, try your best and work as a team!


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