You can create a TEAM anywhere!

HERO Kids Sports was recently recognized by a local facebook group in Colorado. This group is a collective of local mothers and their families who use this resource to connect with one another for a variety of resources, particularly connecting their kiddos whether it’s for a playdate or local kid’s activities in the community. Recently, a mother of two (18mo & 4yo) reached out to HERO because she was interested in starting a park class in her neighborhood--essentially taking our program and re-creating it in a park environment. We worked with this mom to outreach to other local moms to recruit a minimum of five kiddos to begin the session. She was super excited that we were up to coordinate and collaborate as she wrote to us that her son was not in school quite yet, he loves sports, has so much energy, and is eager to make friends.

We opened up a session of HERO Home Run Baseball at a local park where this mother and her family lived nearby. We promoted the program and got a few more families than the minimum to begin a full 6-week session of HERO Home Run Baseball! We were so excited to begin this session and see all of the kids come together! The kiddos who signed up were from across the Denver area and had never met one another, their ages ranging from just turning two years old all the way to four years old. Some of the kiddos were shy to begin the program, which is certainly a common experience, but with our energy and comical coaching styles they all adapted and were HERO ready to begin the program rather quickly.

It was amazing to have kids from all around Denver with different backgrounds, never even having met one another, come together, play, laugh, cheer one another on and truly create their TEAM!

What we also noticed is that not only were we able to facilitate a team and friendships with just the kiddos, but we were able to introduce and connect their parents to one another. Every family made the effort to show up to each session a little early to set up lawn chairs, have a few snacks and converse with one another before we began the class. By the end of the session not only did the kiddos end up creating relationships with one another, but their parents did as well. At the end of the six weeks everyone was good friends. With the help of one mother reaching out to HERO to set up a sports program for her kiddo HERO laid a foundation to establish relationships and a team of kiddos and their parents on and off the field!

“Inspiring the HERO inside” w/ HERO Kids Sports!

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