Warming Up!

Life is all about movement. We move everyday and we strive to move as often as possible. It is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. At HERO, we encourage movement in every one of our classes!

It is important to teach kids at a young age to learn about the way their bodies work and encourage them to participate as much as possible. We use numerous techniques to help get kids excited about sports and movement!

A key component to our classes is our HERO warm-ups. This is the point in class where all of the kids get to “wake-up” their bodies and get loose. Some of our favorites are HERO spins, Bird Flappin’ Jumping Jacks, and Moon Jumps! We take biometric movements and make them fun and relatable so everyone can follow along. Our coaches use their loud and enthusiastic voices to get the energy up and encourage everyone to have fun!

Warm-ups are also a good time to get all the kids to focus in on listening and following the rules of sports class. We use listening techniques throughout class to get everyone engaged and focused on the coaches. This also helps with making sure the kids are moving their bodies the right way so all exercises are safe and effective. The repetition of exercises we use will help to build kids muscle memory for their gross motor skills. It is paramount that we are not only teaching movement but making sure that we are moving correctly so that good habits are built for the future!

As always, we strive to Inspire the HERO inside with every opportunity!

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