Joining our HERO Team

We work in a variety of preschools & elementary schools. Some have a lot of kids some can be a small group. In one of our bigger schools we have almost 30 HEROES on our Team, ranging from some who just turned 2 and many of them now are 5-6 years old. It's amazing to watch our HEROES grow in our program. Recently, we started a new session with one of our kiddos who was 3 years old and brand new to preschool. Her parents contacted us because they are huge sports fans and really wanted their daughter to participate in our program. We were excited to introduce our new HERO to team sports at a young age.

The following week when we went to gather up the kiddos to bring them down to the field, our new HERO, Jenna, was crying and did not want to start our program. We could tell she was frightened and still getting adjusted to the overall preschool program. The teacher offered to bring her down to the field. Though Jenna still did not want to join in, we could tell she was being very observant and watching all the other kids participating. The very next week we went to go gather up the kids, though Jenna was tearful, this time she felt comfortable enough coming down with our coaches rather than having the teacher bring her down. Our coach sat with her on the side of the field and they both observed the class while the coach was running some stretches with her, which she loved. The following week we went up to the classrooms to gather up the kids and Jenna was more willing to come and she even seemed a little excited. We walked down to the field, and though she did not want to participate we could tell she felt more comfortable with the kids, our coaches, and our program. We started to work with her on the side of the field again and she even started to do all of our HERO warm ups & even some activities one on one with our coach on the sideline. She was slowly adjusting and we could tell the individual attention was bringing the HERO out in her.

By the third week Jenna had a big smile on her face when we walked into the classroom to gather the kids, it seemed like she could not wait to participate with the rest of kids. She did amazingly well! She was interacting with her teammates along with our coaches and before we knew it she was one of the stars in our class.

This goes to show you that at HERO we understand that for most of our kids this is the first time they are participating in team sports. We recognize that children can be hesitant to join in our program, especially when most of the other kids in our program have been running & playing with us for years. We put in the time with this young child and from our experience we know that our supportive coaching style meets a child where they are emotionally which allows them to break out of their shell at a pace that works for them. We knew by working with our NEW HERO slowly on the sideline would inspire her HERO inside so she could slowly adjust to us, the kids, and our program. We love seeing our kids enjoy learning new skills, feel good about themselves and proud to be part of a team. This is why we love our work with our HEROES!

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