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HERO Outdoor Park &
Indoor Programs

Welcome to HERO Kids Sports Park & Indoor Programs!

Join us for an adventure-filled journey where learning meets laughter! Our dynamic park classes offer innovative and non-competitive sports programs tailored to various age groups (2-10). With our diverse 11-sport curriculum, children build fundamental skills while fostering teamwork in a fun and encouraging environment.

Why Choose a HERO Kids Sports Park Classes?

  • Curated Programs: Our HERO Programs are thoughtfully curated to accommodate all skill levels, ensuring that every child builds confidence through our diverse 11-sport curriculum.

  • Inclusivity Matters: HERO prioritizes a culturally inclusive and socially emotionally rich environment for all youth. We equip kids with crucial on-field and off-field skills, including cognitive regulation, emotional competencies, and social and interpersonal skills.

  • Eleven Exciting Sports: Dive into the world of sports with Baseball, Basketball, Football, Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, Kickball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track and Field, Volleyball, Mindfulness Yoga, Gym Games, and a variety of thrilling cone based Obstacle Courses!

  • Meet Our HERO Coaches: Our passionate coaches are FUN, inviting, comedian-like, theatrical, and humorous. Dedicated to creating an environment that prioritizes Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), they are equipped with the skills to model social and emotional intelligence through sports, fostering positive leadership and an encouraging atmosphere based on responsibility and respect.


But it's not just about the kids—HERO Kids Sports Park Classes are also an opportunity for parents to sit back, relax, bring a blanket, catch up with friends, and watch their kiddos have an absolute blast! 

Secure a spot for your child today and join us for a FUN-filled experience that combines sports, learning, and community bonding! 

Summer Park Class Offerings 

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Check out private sessions for more options: Private Sessions

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