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HERO Kids Sports is an innovative, non-competitive sports enrichment program for kids ages 2-12 years old, teaching the fundamentals of sports and the values of teamwork in a fun and encouraging environment. Our HERO Programs have been curated for all skill and play levels supporting our kids in building their confidence through our 11-sport curriculum. 
Our 11 sports include: Home Run Baseball, Jumpers & Dunks Basketball, Touchdown Football, Slap Shot Floor Hockey, Tumblin’ Time Gymnastics, Blast Off Kickball, Lacrosse, Power Kickin’ Soccer, On your Mark, Get Set, HERO GO track & Field, Spike volleyball, Mindfulness Yoga, Fun Gym games and a variety of obstacle courses!


We Come To YOU!

Park Classes
summer camps
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HERO School Programs

We bring our customizable HERO program to your school including our Fantastic 11-sport program, sports equipment and expert Coaches! HERO currently hosts 11 different sports for a period of 6-10 weeks at a time.


HERO Park Classes

HERO Park Classes are offered at local parks in the surrounding Denver and Boston Metro areas offering 6-10 week long sports sessions from our 11-sport curriculum. Park classes are curated for all skill levels including warm ups, sport fundamentals and fun HERO games. Programs include skills curated in the following areas:  

  • Sport Fundamentals 

  • Building Confidence 

  • Teamwork Values

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Listening Skills 

  • Balance, Agility and Coordination

  • Gross & Fine Motor Skills

  • Special Awareness

Each session is marked with a very special Awards Ceremony where every kid goes home a HERO! We provide a 1:10 coach to kiddo ratio or 2:20 ratio. If you don’t find an offering that meets your needs and interests - Contact us to curate a program today!


HERO Day Off Camps & Summer Camps

Our HERO Camps have been curated for all skill and play levels, ages 2-10 years old! While a primary focus of our HERO Camps is to teach sport fundamentals, our camps also emphasize building your child's self-confidence, learning leadership and teamwork skills, connecting with new friends and sparking their creativity! Our camps include:

  • Sports Fundamentals

  • Teamwork Activities

  • Field Day Games

  • Creative Arts

  • Brain Games

  • Imaginative Free Play

  • Nature Hikes

  • HERO Library

  • Water Play

  • Nutrition

  • Popsicle Fridays!

  • HERO Dri-Fit Team T-shirts

HERO Coaches are expertly trained in coaching our HERO Fantastic 11 Sports curriculum with an encouraging, fun energy for an optimal camp experience for all kids! Our campers will learn and play different sports throughout the day in conjunction with a well rounded Camp experience! Sports include: LINK HERE 

HERO Coaches are expertly trained in creating an inclusive, socially, emotionally supportive, FUN camp experience for all campers. We strike the perfect balance between structure and play, while providing a foundation for important mentoring relationships for each kiddo.


HERO Private Classes

HERO Private Classes are sports sessions curated for small groups and are closed to the public. Our team will customize a HERO program to be facilitated at your home or local park where kids can learn a specific sport or your choosing from our 11 sport offerings or all 11 sports throughout the entire session. Our coaches focus on sport fundamentals, skills, biometric exercises, nutrition, teamwork and building our confidence all while learning and playing sports. Families can customize a program including the participants, location, days, times and length of program.

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HERO 1:1 Programs

WE Come to YOU! Does your child prefer an individualized learning environment? Would you prefer a program created just for your child at home or local park? We've got you covered! Customize the specifics to your child's needs and interests choosing from our 11-sport curriculum. Families can customize a program including the participants, location, days, times and length of program.

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HERO Birthday Parties

Families provide the theme and refreshments, we provide the full HERO entertainment! HERO will curate your kiddo’s special day at a local park, venue, or residence entertaining all kiddos for a super fun birthday celebration! Our dedicated Coaches lead interactive, fun games and obstacle courses from our 11-sport program and hold a special ceremony for the birthday HERO! Just sit back and enjoy while the birthday kiddo and friends have a blast with HERO!

School Programs
Private Classes
One on One Classes
birthday parties
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Your child will receive a special HERO award following the completion of camp celebrating the skills that they have learned! 


HERO prioritizes a culturally inclusive, Social and Emotional aspects of Learning (SEAL) rich environment for all youth and our HERO coaches by preparing them with skills needed to model social and emotional intelligence through sport. Our approach is to hire, train, develop and support our staff through exemplifying positive leadership, cultivating an encouraging environment based on responsibility and respect. Through a unique child-focused introduction to learning sports, we provide exceptional education in an inspiring atmosphere!

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