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Inspiring the HERO Inside
 HERO Kids Sports

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HERO Kids Sports

HERO KIDS SPORTS is an innovative, non-competitive sports enrichment program for kids ages 2-12 years old, teaching the fundamentals of sports and the values of teamwork in a fun and encouraging environment. Our HERO Programs have been curated for all skill and play levels supporting our kids in building their confidence through our 11-sport curriculum. 

Our Promise

Our Promise, Our Mission, Our Vision

At HERO Kids Sports, we are committed to promoting Fitness, Nutrition, Friends, and Fun within a culturally respectful and inclusive teaching and coaching environment. Our promise extends beyond mere physical activity; we strive to foster a sense of community and belonging among all participants.

Our Mission

Our mission at HERO Kids Sports is to introduce sports to children at a young age within an encouraging, inspiring, and fun educational atmosphere. Through our custom programs, we aim to nurture confidence, motivation, and a sense of belonging in every child. Inspired by the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the children we coach, our ultimate goal is to 'Inspire the HERO Inside' each and every participant.

Our Vision

HERO Kids Sports envisions implementing the most encouraging sports enrichment program for children, one that inspires the HERO Inside and is accessible to all. We are driven by a vision of inclusivity and empowerment, seeking to provide every child with the opportunity to discover and develop their potential through evidence based practices with a focus on sports and wellness.

As we continue to grow and expand, HERO Kids Sports remains dedicated to our core values of inclusivity, encouragement, and fun. We are committed to empowering children to lead healthy, active lives while fostering a sense of camaraderie and self-belief that will last a lifetime.

Our Programs

HERO Kids Sports is a non-competitive sports enrichment program teaching the fundamentals of sports and the values of teamwork, all while having FUN!

Our HERO Programs have been curated for all skill and play levels, building our confidence in learning and having fun through a variety of sports activities from our 11-sport curriculum!

 HERO Kids Sports
Preschool & Elementary School 
 HERO Kids Sports
Camps and Summer Camps
 HERO Kids Sports
Park Classes & Indoor Sessions
 HERO Kids Sports
Birthday Parties
 HERO Kids Sports
Private Sessions/Camp
 HERO Kids Sports
Field Days and Events
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2024 HERO Kids Sports Calendar

HERO Calendar

This calendar is serving as a living document offering a dynamic and current overview of some of HERO's activities and events.

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What do people say about us?
HERO Kids Sports

"We had HERO Sports lead an activity at my son's 4th birthday party. The kids had the best time and Paige was wonderful with getting everyone to participate. I would highly recommend hiring them for a bday or event!"

HERO Kids Sports

Shannon Patterson

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